beats headphones wikipedia Tees Valley manufacturer Nifco beats the Germans to

are beats good headphones Tees Valley manufacturer Nifco beats the Germans to

Mike Matthews, the firm’s Darlington born boss, said securing the contract to make high tech thermostat housings was a “huge coup” that showed North East engineering was still valued around the world.

He added: “To land this deal we beat some of the biggest names in the business including the Germans. It is a massive vote of confidence in our manufacturing industry.

Follow Business Editor Andy Richardson’s live tweets from Nifco where Chancellor George Osborne will be making a speech and fielding questions from the region’s business leaders

James Ramsbotham, chief executive of the North East Chamber of Commerce, said: “This is fantastic news for Nifco, its workforce and the North East manufacturing sector generally. It is testament to the hard work of everyone associated with this powerhouse of a business that it can win such high value contracts and add Ford to its roster of blue chip global clients.

“Nifco continues to go from strength to strength and long may it continue.”

Mr Osborne said: “Nifco’s continued success along with its new contract with Ford, is fantastic news for the North East?.”

Since Mr Matthews took the helm in 2008, Nifco UK has enjoyed a remarkable transformation from a loss making operation at a run down factory on Yarm Road, Stockton that was under threat of closure, to a 60m turnover business employing more than 500 staff.

By the end of 2018 it expects to have 800 staff and top 100m a year turnover.

The Tees Valley company produces about 25 million plastic parts a month, from door handles to cup holders, for car makers including Nissan, Honda and Jaguar Land Rover.

Last year, it opened its second new factory in three years on Durham Lane, Eaglescliffe. The Ford deal will see Nifco bosses step up plans to construct a third plant.
beats headphones wikipedia Tees Valley manufacturer Nifco beats the Germans to

purple beats headphones Teens accused of arranging attempted robbery in Cleveland Heights

beats dr dre studio headphones Teens accused of arranging attempted robbery in Cleveland Heights

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio Two 16 year old boys are facing juvenile charges that accuse them of arranging an attempted robbery in Cleveland Heights.

A University Heights boy and a Cleveland Heights boy are charged with the juvenile equivalent of attempted aggravated robbery in the Sunday incident near the Canterbury Elementary School on Kingston Road, according to a police report.

The University Heights boy bought a pair of Beats by Dre headphones from the victim several days before the incident. His friend later identified as the Cleveland Heights boy called the victim Sunday to arrange a meeting to repay him, the report says.

The victim ran back to his mother’s car to call police. The Cleveland Heights boy left before officers arrived.

Cleveland Heights officers went to University Heights to speak with the boy who bought the headphone. The boy’s father let the officers search his son’s phone, and the officers noticed a call to the same phone that the friend used to call the victim.

Officers then spoke with the Cleveland Heights boy, who admitted he’d been with the University Heights boy earlier that day. The officers took the boy’s blue winter coat, which the victim identified as the coat the friend had been wearing during the attempted robbery, the report says.
purple beats headphones Teens accused of arranging attempted robbery in Cleveland Heights

beats audio wireless headphones Teen rapper releases first album

beats studios headphones Teen rapper releases first album

TRAVERSE CITY Trey Wilcox answers to the name Duble U a play on the first letter of his family name when he is on stage.

Wilcox, 16, released his first hip hop album called “Unstable EP” at Studio Anatomy in September.

He said he was 12 when he first heard rapper Dr. Dre’s songs. A year later, he decided he wanted to do more than just listen to rap he wanted to lend his voice to the microphone.

“At first, I didn’t really think about going to a studio,” Wilcox said. “I just wrote it.”

When friends and family saw his work, they encouraged him to pursue it. He said he spent the last year in the studio recording and working odd jobs around town to earn money for the project.

His songs draw from his personal experiences with bullying, moving around a lot and not having a lot of money growing up. He said he has been “hit down but can get back up.”

“I like to say what I want to say without having to be shut down,” Wilcox said. “I’d like people to realize that if they’re in a bad place, they’re not alone and to stand up for themselves.”

Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and 50 Cent are all on Wilcox’s list of influences, but one stood out.

“What made me really want to do it was Eminem,” he said. “They’re the brutally honest types. It’s no filters music.”

Jeff Haas, a local jazz musician,
beats audio wireless headphones Teen rapper releases first album
said he first discovered Wilcox’s work through social media.

“I was attracted to his ability to craft prose,” he said.

Haas grew up in Detroit in the 1960s and counts jazz, Motown and rap among his influences.

“Spoken word engaged me I was really drawn to that,” he said. “I was engaged by some of the issues Trey was addressing. He’s had his share of challenges.”

Haas invited Wilcox to perform with his band and other middle and high school students at Chateau Chantal in September. This was one of Wilcox’s first concerts as Duble U.

There were some conditions for the rapper to participate. Haas told him he could not swear because it was an all ages event and to create extended raps that addressed social issues, like racism.

The audience enjoyed Wilcox’s style and message, Haas said.

“It opened their minds and ears to a positive side to the art form with rap,” he said. “He slowed down and explained his message. He’s a deeply talented young man and a deep thinker.”

Haas added that he is planning to do more with Wilcox in the future.

“He likes a lot of things associated with the rap world, but he’s a great example of not judging a book by its cover,” he said. “He’s a good example of a person who needs to be heard because he’s going to make a difference in the world.”

Wilcox said he was initially unsure about working with Haas, because he thought jazz and rap were completely opposite styles.

However, he said Haas showed him that they both express feelings.

“He kind of mentored me,” Wilcox said. “He made me learn what it’s like to be a musician, rather than just making a song.”

Wilcox is currently working on his second album, called “Broken Glass LP.” He said it will contain 15 songs,
beats audio wireless headphones Teen rapper releases first album
similar content to his extended play and some humor.

beats by dr dre headphones for sale Teen admits role in deadly North Linden shooting

dr dre beats headphones studio Teen admits role in deadly North Linden shooting

John Futty The Columbus Dispatch

A 17 year old Northwest Side boy on Friday admitted his role in a robbery that turned deadly at a North Linden house eight months ago.

Camden W. Jester, who turns 18 next week, will be sentenced to 15 years in an adult if Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Chris Brown follows a recommendation from prosecutors and defense attorneys as part of a plea agreement.

Jester pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, aggravated robbery and a gun specification in the May 1 shooting death of 18 year old Alexander Lorms. He is scheduled to be sentenced by Brown on Feb. 15.

A co defendant in the case, Ralph E. Barrie, 18, is of being the triggerman, Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said. Barrie, of Northwest Side, has a Feb. 5 trial date on charges of aggravated murder,
beats by dr dre headphones for sale Teen admits role in deadly North Linden shooting
aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary.

Jester and drove to a house in the 1900 block of Republic Avenue to rob under the guise of purchasing marijuana from him, O’Brien said. Lorms had sold marijuana to the previous day, he said.

After Jester and Barrie entered the house and pulled guns, Lorms tried to escape by running from the house. Barrie shot him four times in the back, O’Brien said. Barrie and Jester took marijuana, Xanax and a gun from the house before fleeing, he said.

Jester’s defense attorney, Robert Krapenc, said his client doesn’t dispute any of those facts.

Juvenile Court Judge Dana Preisse transferred case adult court in July. originally was charged with a delinquency count of aggravated murder, which results in a mandatory transfer to adult court when judge rules that there is enough evidence to establish a belief that the juvenile committed the crime.
beats by dr dre headphones for sale Teen admits role in deadly North Linden shooting

monster beats headphones cheap Tech Tuesday

beats by dre on ear headphones Tech Tuesday

Happy Tech Tuesday! Today home automation, audio and artificial intelligence all share the savings spotlight.

Before we get to a breakdown and full review of Amazon’s newest products, a reminder if you want access to a gigantic Beats By Dre Wireless headphone deals and some other upcoming surprises, subscribe to this deal list here.

The Amazon Echo now comes in a smaller portable version called “The Amazon Echo Tap.” While the Amazon Echo is sold for $180, this $130 re incarnation can also answer questions, order you a pizza, arrange for an Uber pick up and entertain your family with trivia. Unlike its predecessor, the Amazon Tap is rechargeable and portable.

Is the Amazon Echo Tap worth the price? How does it compare to the original Echo and new Echo Dot? Check out this full review and unboxing right here.

To celebrate the launch of the Amazon Tap, the company is now offering a limited time reduction on different Amazon Fire TV packages and one in particular designed for cord cutters. You can find those bargains below alongside a full review link. Happy Savings!
monster beats headphones cheap Tech Tuesday

beat headphones amazon team mourns Tupac’s mom Afeni Shakur

beat headphones monster team mourns Tupac’s mom Afeni Shakur

The movie about Tupac Shakur life, Eyez On Me, recently finished filming in Atlanta and the team involved with the project is among those mourning for the rapper mother, Afeni Shakur Davis.

can believe it, casting director Winsome Sinclair said during an interview. soon after losingPrince, it just too much. Sinclair knew Shakur and her knowledge of the rapper helped put a sharper focus on some elements of the script.

really feel it was a blessing to work on the project, Sinclair said. one was personal for me. This isn just about a job. This one is personal. Director Benny Boom posted this simple,
beat headphones amazon team mourns Tupac's mom Afeni Shakur
powerful image on his Twitter feed:

Demetrius Shipp Jr. plays Shakur in the movie. He posted a series of stunned tweets after the sad news:

Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne on Walking Dead, portrays Shakur Davis.

did an absolutely wonderful job, Sinclair said. was Afeni all the way. The movie also stars Kat Graham as Jada Pinkett (the movie takes place before she married Will Smith); Jamal Woolard as Biggie Smalls, Harold House Moore as Dr. Dre and Dominic L. Santana as Suge Knight.

It is scheduled for a November release.

Watching the finished product is to be hard, Sinclair said. was hard to read the script. I know his fans will not be disappointed,
beat headphones amazon team mourns Tupac's mom Afeni Shakur
though. This story been a long time coming.

beats earbud headphones Team Alaska beats Minnesota at Mixed Nationals Curling

dr dre beat pro headphones Team Alaska beats Minnesota at Mixed Nationals Curling

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA Fairbanks’ Greg Persinger, Vicky Persinger, Catharine Persinger and Quinn Evenson improved to 2 0 at the USA Curling Mixed National Championship on Sunday in Tempe, Arizona.

Team Alaska topped Minnesota 8 2 in its second round robin game of the competition at theCoyotes Curling Club. The Alaskans took on Arizona on Sunday night but the score was not available.

The round robin actions continues today with Team Alaska taking on Colorado before facing Michigan on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Team Alaska competes against Washington and Illinois before concluding the round robin against North Dakota and Wisconsin on Thursday.

Team Alaska trailed Northwest Territories 2 1 before scoring four times in the fourth end and adding another point in the fifth to open a 6 2 lead.

The Alaskans began Sunday with another 7 3 win, this one over Michigan. The teams were tied 2 2 before Team Alaska scored five in the fifth end.

Team Alaska went 2 3 during pool play on Thursday through Saturday.

Contact sports reporter Tim O’Donnell at 459 7583. Follow him on Twitter:ArticlesFairbanks man killed, youth injured in two vehicle collision on Parks HighwayTroopers: Fairbanks man hid camera to film nude womenAfter a snowy February, Fairbanks in path of more winter stormsUnanswered questions: Family of man killed on Christmas Eve want to see police report, videoArmy tanker spills fuel after rolling on Richardson Highway3 people found dead in car parked outside Alaska hotelHow a North Pole side gig became a growing companyDriver of getaway car in Kavairlook killing sentencedTroopers: 2 found dead at campground identifiedPublic Safety Report: March 3, 2018
beats earbud headphones Team Alaska beats Minnesota at Mixed Nationals Curling

beats Tax Implications of the Affordable Health Care for America Act

beats headphones for free Tax Implications of the Affordable Health Care for America Act

House of Representatives recently passed HR3962: the Affordable Health Care for America Act of 2009. The legislation is thousands of pages long, making it difficult for regular taxpayers to understand how the bill will affect them.

The new legislation is very expensive, and Congress has come up with a number of ways to pay for it. First of all, there will be a shared responsibility provision that basically forces taxpayers who cannot establish acceptable health care coverage to pay an additional 2.5% tax. There will be a hardship exception though, for taxpayers who cannot afford to pay the tax.

In addition to a penalty on taxpayers who cannot afford coverage, the government will also assess an 8% payroll tax on businesses that do not offer health insurance to their employees. However, it is widely expected that the penalty will be reduced to 5% when the Senate revises the bill.

One of the largest sources of funding for the reform bill is a new surtax on individuals making more than $500,000 per year, of couples making over $1 million. In the House’s bill, beginning in 2010 all taxpayers making a qualifying amount will be subject to a massive 5.4% tax increase.

In addition to adding heft tax increases, the bill also partially repeals tax indexing for inflation. This will result in more money for the Federal government as the years go by. According to the Joint Tax Committee the surcharge is only expected to generate $30.9 billion in 2011, but nearly $70 billion in 2019.

The present version of this bill is not likely to get passed into law. Despite President Obama’s optimistic stance, some Senators are already pronouncing the bill dead on arrival. Although there has been a lot of discussion about this health care reform bill, it could be months before even a highly amended version of it becomes law. The Senate is not going to vote on the bill until at least 2010, and since they are expected to make numerous modifications it will likely need to return to the House for another vote. It could be six months from now before a health care bill goes to President Obama’s desk for a signature.

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beats Tax Implications of the Affordable Health Care for America Act

best buy beat headphones Tax Day Freebies And Deals 2016

beats by dr dre wireless headphones Tax Day Freebies And Deals 2016

Happy Tax Day 2016! There are some huge deals today and some freebies of note. Before I serve up the biggest collection of savings you will find anywhere today, let’s be realistic about Tax Day Freebies.

The freebies created as Tax Day deadline rewards are merely giant PR stunts so people like me will type the names of stores into articles. With that begin said, if you start with the sales below, and then move to the freebies, select price drops are more than pleasantly surprising.

A reminder the deals appear under this heading, and the freebies are toward the bottom of this article. Please keep in mind prices will change on the deals as sale stock sells out. For any freebie, please make sure your local establishment is participating as some locations may decide not to offer a freebie.

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81% Off Lexar 256 GB Flash Drive + Free Prime Shipping

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78% Off iClever Wireless FM Streaming Kit For $9.99 + Free Prime Ship

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$14.95 Wusthof 2 Stage Knife Sharpeners + Free Shipping

$14.99 Adidas Small Duffel Bags, Free Shipping (almost sold out)

Tax Day Freebies 2016:

Amazon: 30 Day Free Amazon Video Streaming Trial

Arby Get two Arby Gyros for $6 on April 18 until April 30.

Bob Evans: 30% off your entire tax day order.

Boston Market: Chicken meal w/2 sides and cornbread, plus a regular beverage and cookie for $10.40 on April 18 only.

Bruegger’s Bagels: Get a bakers dozen plus two tubs of cream cheese for $10.40 on April 18.

Buca Di Pi Beppo: 18% Off Meals with this coupon.

Chili’s: Presidente Margaritas are $5 On Tax Day.

Great American Cookie: Free cookie April 18.

Hard Rock Cafe: For Your Supper on April 18 at participating Hard Rock Cafes. Sing a song to earn a free “Legendary Burger.”

McDonald’s: Tax day discounts and freebies that will vary across the country at participating locations. Some locations will have BOGO Big Macs where the second one is $0.18. Other offerings are tied to breakfast only.
best buy beat headphones Tax Day Freebies And Deals 2016

what are the best beat headphones Target’s Black Friday deals draw crowds on Thanksgiving

lil wayne beats by dre headphones Target’s Black Friday deals draw crowds on Thanksgiving

Black Friday “addict” Qiana Roberts, left, convinced her niece Najla Roberts and friend Qian Boone to stand in line for hours at a Philadelphia Target.

Qiana Roberts admits she has a Black Friday addiction. Thursday 12 hours before it opened. By the time she got there, she was about 12th in line.

“It’s hard for me not to go, even when I don’t really need anything,” said Roberts, who has waited in line at either Target or Wal Mart (WMT) for seven Black Fridays straight.

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Most of the people in line said they wanted the “doorbuster” sale item a 50 inch Element TV for $229 that usually sells for $600 available by ticket to the first 50 people in line. The other big sale item was Beats By Dre headphones on sale for $115, normally $179.

Roberts, 35, was desperate to get three TVs, so she enticed niece Najla Roberts and friend Qian Boone to come along.

“But I would have gone alone. I’ve done it before,” said Roberts who works for the Philadelphia school system.

Target is one of a handful of stores that kicked off Black Friday earlier on Thanksgiving Day this year. opening was still as much as three hours later than the store openings at Toys “R” Us, Best Buy (BBY) and Wal Mart.

Poll: Will you shop or not?

Shoppers didn’t seem too irked by the earlier opening. Indeed, Rick Dengelegi, who oversees 9 Philadelphia area Target stores, said lines were longer, even earlier than last year.

“Some guests may have already shopped (elsewhere) and then come here, but we’re definitely seeing a bigger line, which is exciting,” Dengelegi said. Thursday morning to ensure he got a deal on the 50 inch TV to better enjoy the Philadelphia Eagles football games. Robinson wore a warm Eagles jacket, but his toes had gone numb by Thursday evening and he was starving, because he hadn’t eaten all day.

“I’m going to eat seven plates of glory (Thanksgiving feast) when I get home,” said Robinson, with a couple of hops to stay warm.

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For Darlene Robinson (no relation to Khalif), waiting in line for the 50 inch TV was a mission of love. Robinson is the housing coordinator for Women Walking in Victory, a Philadelphia nonprofit about to open a new 16 bed home for poor women with mental health problems.
what are the best beat headphones Target's Black Friday deals draw crowds on Thanksgiving