beats solo hd on-ear headphone love him Harford kids get ready for Santa and presents

beats headphone amazon love him Harford kids get ready for Santa and presents

Santa Claus only has one day each year to circle the globe handing out Christmas presents, but somehow, he never manages to miss the children of Harford County.

“It’s incredible,” Aiden McNally, 11, of Bel Air, said about Saint Nick’s seemingly magical gift delivery system.

One of many kids around the county who are once again looking forward to Christmas gifts, Aiden said he even follows Santa’s route each year on NORAD’s only Santa Tracker.

On a recent Sunday, Aiden was also one of many kids eagerly awaiting the man in red at Bel Air’s Christmas parade down Main Street.

The 25th annual event was one of Santa’s multiple scheduled appearances in Harford County, including parades in Aberdeen and Havre de Grace.

So, in addition to delivering all those gifts to good girls and boys in Harford County and everywhere else in the world on Christmas Eve, the Jolly Old Elf also manages to make all those multiple appearances at community events and at local malls to hear the children’s Christmas wishes beforehand.

She loves Santa Claus. She asked him for a big hug, and she got one.

Jessica Bratton, mother of Alyssa Kennedy, age 4

It might all seem unbelievable, but not so, according to Saint Nick, who cited the Latin phrase “crede quod habes, et habes,” during his recent appearance in Aberdeen.

In English, that means “believe that you have it, and you do,” or in Santa Claus’ case, belief makes his magic real.

Abingdon resident Jennifer Sawyer Genna was just trying to put a smile on the faces of local readers when she sent The Aegis a photo of her newborn daughter and Santa at the Harford Mall.

But this was no ordinary photo, and it received an extraordinary response.

Genna’s infant daughter, Scarlett,.

(Jon Sham)

“She loves Santa Claus,” Jessica Bratton, of Havre de Grace, said of her 4 year old daughter, Alyssa Kennedy,
beats solo hd on-ear headphone love him Harford kids get ready for Santa and presents
after their visit with Santa in Aberdeen. “She asked him for a big hug, and she got one.”

Alyssa, who also asked Santa for “a doll that sings,” said his beard was her favorite thing about the Jolly Old Elf.

Four year old Grant Puffenbarger, of Aberdeen, also said he enjoyed Santa’s signature long white beard. He and his mother, Nicole Nimmo, were watching the Aberdeen parade earlier this month, when Grant said he had asked Santa for various toys, including a Mario Bros. game.

Isabelle Moravec, 9, of Perryville, watched the parade with her father, Chad, who lives in Aberdeen. She said she usually asks Santa for toys.

Many families typically leave milk and cookies for Santa, but they set out tea in the Moravec house. Chad Moravec joked that Santa is “lactose intolerant.”

“He drinks all my tea,” Isabelle remarked.

The family also sets out markers for Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer who guides Santa’s flying sleigh.

“We have oatmeal and sparkles that we put on the lawn so Rudolph will come to our house!” Isabelle explained.

Being a large, rotund man in a bright red suit, with a booming voice and laugh, Santa can be a little scary for small children.

Chad Moravec said his daughter was nervous about approaching Santa when she was younger.

“She’s loosened up,” he said. “She goes up to him, talks to him, sits on his lap, gives him a hug.”

After Bel Air’s parade, Santa, along with Mrs. Claus, also greeted youngsters at Shamrock Park and posed for pictures.

As expected, most of the kids had very specific gift requests for Saint Nicholas.

Aiden was hoping a Harry Potter remote control wand or a pair of Beats by Dre headphones would be under the tree this year.

He said he usually gets what he wants from Santa, but “sometimes” gets surprised,
beats solo hd on-ear headphone love him Harford kids get ready for Santa and presents
like one year when he got a TV.

beats by dre headphones wireless Louisville audiologist’s Sounds85 controls volumes across devices

cheap beats by dr dre headphones Louisville audiologist’s Sounds85 controls volumes across devices

If you’re the parent of a teen, you’ll likely recognize this scenario. Your son or daughter is sitting a few feet away, but you can hear their music through their earbuds.

When your music lover is nearby, “turn it down,” will get a response. But how do you protect your child’s hearing when you’re not around?

Louisville audiologist Jeff Baron has an answer to that. His Sounds85 volume controller prevents the music connected to earbuds and headphones from being turned up louder than 85 decibels, a federal occupational standard for prolonged periods of noise exposure. Baron says most devices can be turned up as high as or higher than 110 decibels, louder than a motorcycle.

Baron, who sold an Arvada practice fitting hearing aids 10 years ago, became concerned about the ubiquity of earbuds and headphones and the potential for widespread hearing loss. His fears have been borne out by data.

Data from a nationwide health survey, analyzing hearing tests on teenagers from 2005 to 2006 and conducted by a branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found nearly 20 percent of teens had a slight hearing loss. Slight was defined as 16 to 24 decibels, meaning the teens would not be able to hear whispers or rustling leaves.

Sounds85, an L shaped, plug in device, was designed to be unobtrusive, Baron says.

“We purposely made it small, inconspicuous. (Teens) want to fit in.”

Baron says turning down the volume is crucial, because damage to the cochlear outer hair cells is permanent.

“It does not regenerate,” he says.

Baron, who is also a musician, saw the urgency of the problem and the tragedy of losing part of your hearing range. That’s not to mention tinnitus ringing in the ears which often accompanies noise induced hearing loss.

While he knew what kind of product was needed, he didn’t have the technical skills to design it and didn’t know how to get it made. For that, he turned to Michael Grace of Grace Design in Lyons, who builds audio equipment for recording studios.

“I felt sort of a sense of duty to help as someone who works as a professional in the world of sound,”Grace says.

While the principle of what Baron wanted volume control that didn’t compromise sound quality was simple, designing it correctly required effort.

“(It called for) nuance and detail of getting everything adjusted just right so it would work with a wide variety of devices a telephone, an MP3, CD, a wide variety of headphones,” Grace says. That includes the popular Beats by Dr. Dre.

“(Sounds85) is not a high tech device, but it’s a very carefully considered and thought out device,” Grace says.

He adds that it’s particularly effective for those who don’t know what’s dangerous and what isn’t.

One of those was Eli Regalado of Littleton. The 34 year old heard about the device when he was hired to shoot video of the Sounds85 for a marketing campaign. Regalado has experienced ringing in his ears and sometimes has a hard time hearing.

He admits he has abused his ears by, for example, turning up his music loud enough to hear it in his headphones as he’s riding his Harley. Other loud noise exposure came doing construction work.
beats by dre headphones wireless Louisville audiologist's Sounds85 controls volumes across devices

beats headphone amazon Louis area gear up for big weekend as shoppers face holiday crunch

beat headphones reviews Louis area gear up for big weekend as shoppers face holiday crunch

The chocolate elves at Kakao have been moving up to warp speed in the last few weeks, exponentially ramping up production of the small St. Louis company’s hallmark sea salt caramels to about 1,000 a day.

And this weekend, the company’s busiest of the year, it will have its biggest staff ever on hand: 21 employees between the two stores, many of whom will be working overtime to crank out more chocolate. The snow last weekend and some cold days earlier this month seem to have delayed holiday shopping a little bit, said owner Brian Pelletier.

“And the shorter time between Thanksgiving and Christmas has caught some people unaware,” he said, referring to the shortest holiday shopping season in a decade, with six fewer days than last year. “They are realizing that Christmas is just next week.”

So while his and other stores around the St. Louis region are usually busy this week, many say they have noticed it’s been even busier than they expected.

“Customers are telling us they are behind schedule on buying gifts, so we do expect a big push this weekend,” said Mark Francis, general manager of the JCPenney store at West County Center.

Yes, the holiday shopping crunch is on. The much talked about shorter calendar, the forecasts for so so holiday sales, and an extra promotion happy environment thanks to retailers’ anxiety about the season will all culminate this weekend.

The Saturday and Sunday before Christmas are typically among the top shopping days of the year particularly so for Saturday, typically the second biggest shopping day after Black Friday. Hence its often used moniker: Super Saturday.

Shopping malls are expected to be jampacked this weekend, and many stores have extended their hours in the final countdown to Christmas. Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve.

In addition to the extended hours, stores are dangling price matching guarantees, free shipping deals, and, of course, extra discounts and sales in order to get consumers to splurge.

As expected, in store traffic as a whole has been down this holiday season as more people forgo brick and mortar stores in favor of shopping online.

The firm ShopperTrak said that in store traffic was down 20 percent last week compared to last year and sales were down nearly 1 percent that week, hurt by bad weather last weekend.

According to a survey for the National Retail Federation, nearly half of shoppers said they planned to do the remainder of their holiday shopping online, the highest percentage in the survey’s 11 year history. The trade group said shoppers are embracing the ease and convenience of shopping online especially at a time of year when their schedules are quite busy.

But with many online retailers’ standard delivery deadlines for Christmas delivery coming and going this week, last minute shoppers will either have to pay more for rush delivery or hit the stores to finish up their shopping.

And there appear to be a lot of procrastinators out there. According to a Consumer Reports poll, about 31 percent of Americans hadn’t started their shopping as of early December.

“It always comes down to the wire,” said Michael Niemira, chief economist for the International Council of Shopping Centers. “But overall, we’re optimistic that the sales will come in pretty much as expected, and maybe a bit stronger in some categories.”

But procrastinators waiting to shop this weekend may have to grapple with more inclement weather that could put a wrinkle in their plans.

On Saturday, the St. Louis area is expected to see freezing rain that is part of a band that stretches from Kansas City to Maine.

While categories such as apparel have been showing some weakness, sales nonetheless seem to be on track with the council’s forecast for a 3.4 percent increase in holiday sales, Niemira said.

Brian Yarbrough, retail analyst for Edward Jones in Des Peres, also is feeling good about holiday retail sales hitting his firm’s forecast for a 2.8 percent uptick. But in order to get there, retailers have been running deeper and longer promotions than previous years, he said.

“It’s gotten more promotional than we expected,” he said. “I’ve heard several retailers say 40 percent off is the new 20 percent because consumers are so value focused.”

But it’s hard to know how that’s affecting retailers’ bottom lines, because they often mark up items to begin with and know they will sell it at a discounted price, Yarbrough added. For example, the clothing store Express usually only discounts up to 40 percent before Christmas, but this year it has been offered 50 percent off at times, she said.

“People have learned they don’t have to pay full price,” she said. “Retailers are accommodating those changing shopping behaviors.”

As for the hottest holiday gifts, tablets and electronics continue to be popular this year. The Microsoft Surface 2 has sold out of many places. The Beats by Dr. Dre headphones have also made a splash.

“Usually there’s some kind of apparel trend that seems to be red hot,” Edward Jones’ Yarbrough said. Colored denim, North Face fleece and Ugg boots have been some examples in previous years. “But it doesn’t feel like there’s much this year.”
beats headphone amazon Louis area gear up for big weekend as shoppers face holiday crunch

headphones beats Lorry Safety and security Equipment As well as The Regulation

free beat headphones Lorry Safety and security Equipment As well as The Regulation

Most awful of all, Our lawmakers failed to prepare for that the FTC would certainly resume exercising its vast prudence with what this right now proudly calls its typical rule of permission decrees” in records safety and security cases. She discusses that would avoid the obstacles linked with the accurate balancing of anticompetitive and pro effects. No vehicle company on the planet markets additional all wheel drive cars than Subaru, claims Subaru. Part 5 should never ever be actually utilized as a secret weapon to lower the Commission’s problem to present a practice is dangerous to customers. Endorsements ‘Having personally taken advantage of Confessing the Faith, I have actually been keenly expecting the appearance of this research study resource. If you enjoyed this information and you would certainly such as to get additional info concerning Full Document kindly browse through our own internet site. If, nevertheless, you are not yet a Christian, you need to soberly recognize that none from these factors are actually awaiting you. In a tractor collision in which Parker attacks a tree, drops and also arrive at his back while the tractor overturns and ruptures in blaze, he shouts in fear GOD ABOVE!” Virtually eliminated, Parker credits his amazing breaking away to divine treatment as well as runs into the concrete truth of God’s existence in his life. Comments: 0Our undergraduate training programs are actually educated through world leading thoughts, bringing the most recent analysis directly to the classroom. In 2014, UF passes a major turning point as it offers its own 500,000 th level to Christian Cruz, an advertising and marketing significant and also member from UF’s Machen Fla Option Scholars course, which provides total financial backing to lots of trainees from low income histories which are the initially in their families to head to college. The syllabus meets the NEOMED admission requirements and focuses mainly on research studies in the humanities, social studies, plus all simple premedical scientific researches (observe Training course Requirements or Faqd ). Development by means of Stage 1 is actually based on academic functionality and also growth from personal maturity suitable to presumption from professional task. Eric Rodgers, who was actually a natural science lecturer as well as the Administrator from the Graduate Institution coming from 1958 to 1971, and his other half Sarah Rodgers, which was a statistics lecturer at UA. Agents of much more than 120 of the 340 pupil organizations on university were at the Student Union to launch themselves to the Course of 2021. In this particular Phoning Residence event, our company invite solution members coming from all age groups to be welcomed home to the UW. The trouble from army company is actually no more accepted as that from the individual, yet as part of the entire UW area in its entirety. Comments: 0At the starting point of the 4th quarter at every residence volleyball game, Miami supporters and gamers may be viewed delaying 4 hands. As a visiting swap pupil you are going to possess a vast possibility of courses accessible to you, however there are some unique points to consider that you ought to know. For instance an advertising and marketing Curriculum Vitae will definitely be very various off a training CV. Formation, localisation as well as assembly from macromolecular frameworks: DNA replication and also transcription. For (ii), the module covers how you can create the tree model accordinged to the historic price data, as well as presents that the version could be utilized to locate the fair prices of a vast array of monetary by products. There are actually a further 2,300 pre tertiary pupils at the Junior College which is actually also handled by the College. If you adored this article and you would like to get more details concerning simply click the following page kindly see the web site. This entails researching the market places on which these ideas are actually located. Technology commercialization expert David N. Allen, POSTGRADUATE DEGREE, thinks the Educational institution of Arizona creates superior analysis. To ensure trainee opportunity for developing proficiencies in informal American Sign Language while getting educational institution credit history toward overseas language demand or even elective research study. Although tutorial courses could be included in the instruction, you spend many opportunity undertaking private investigation, along with development closely kept an eye on throughout the time period from research study. UF is an innovator in on the web education with a bachelor’s program placed 11. Affiliated health centers consist of Jackson Remembrance Health center, Holtz Youngster’s Medical facility the Miami Professional’s Events Medical Center. By means of casework as well as study pupils will certainly have the option to use the legislation, to consider ideal legal methods in order to help the client and to seriously reassess the procedures and also regulations they have actually experienced. Comments: 0The Prejudice Of gel. In these exclusive job interviews our experts talk with PHYSICIAN Vint Cerf ( and also Chief Internet Evangelist for Google, extensively known as one of the Daddies of the Internet”), Professor Robert ‘Bob’ Metcalfe (Co inventor from the Ethernet, creator 3COM), DOCTOR Jeff Jaffe (Chief Executive Officer, W3C The Web Range), Kevin Kelly (Co Founder of WIRED) as well as Professor Luciano Floridi (Teacher from Ideology as well as Integrity from Info, University from Oxford). Following the celebrations of the Dragon Ball Z tv collection, after the defeat of Majin Buu, a new electrical power awakens as well as intimidates humanity. Extremely concentrated learning where pupils were actually led by professors and also that had around 10 years. Very closely associateded with decision for decolonisation has been the revived drive to Pan Africanism. The very best entrepreneurs as a result need to incorporate ‘marketer’ to their almost limitless list from demanded locations of skills. A. Inusah Abdul Nasiru in 2015 (view Abdul Nasiru, 2014) at the Division from Psychological science at UGL, making him the initial person to obtain a doctoral in industrial/organizational psychology at a Ghanaian educational institution. We’ve functioned side by side with Dallas ISD as well as the area of Dallas to deliver the Dallas Urban area of Discovering summertime program, and by means of this course our experts have actually served greater than 50,000 students in the final 3 years. Lecturer Eco friendly Mental health condition may believe isolating, they consume you. You listen to generalisations that the Himalayan icebergs are undamaged, yet the ground fact is that dramatic things are actually occurring. Tues 11 Nov, VUE Cinema, The Light, Leeds, 1800 (116 min), 8 ( 6 deal), satisfy visit for tickets. Sunlight 15 Nov, Bury Theatre, Royal Armouries, 13:00 14:30, free of cost access along with Saturday/Weekend convention successfully pass, all ages, yet simply details: Notion Blister performs certainly not control board web content. Like everybody else our team were actually impressed through Noelle’s remarkable vision of just how comics may be and wanted to perform our part in acquiring her over. 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Or, even more truthfully, I have not forgiven on my own for letting it happen to me. You listen to generalisations that the Himalayan glacial mass are actually in one piece, yet the ground fact is actually that impressive factors are occurring. Tues 11 Nov, VUE Movie house, The Lighting, Leeds, 1800 (116 minutes), 8 ( 6 deal), simply check out for tickets. Sun 15 Nov, Bury Theater, Royal Armouries, 13:00 14:30, cost free access along with Saturday/Weekend event successfully pass, every ages, but please note: Thought Blister carries out certainly not control board material. Chairman Chu talked with Man Bruggeman, Dallas Affection Industry; Janiece Evans Page, Fossil; Will Dowell, Behind Every Door; Will Richey, Journeyman Ink; Lela Alarm, Training Artist; Antoine Joyce, All Fate Job Dallas; David Fisher, Workplace of Cultural Issues; Kjerstine Nielsen, Dallas Local library; plus Large Idea’s Gigi Antoni, Erin Offord, LeAnn Binford, Leila Wright, as well as Shianne Patrick. 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About one in three (32 per cent) women trainees mentioned experiencing sexual offense within their life time. Comments: 0
headphones beats Lorry Safety and security Equipment As well as The Regulation

where to buy beats headphones Looking for Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie

all beats headphones Looking for Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie

where to buy beats headphones Looking for Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie
where to buy beats headphones Looking for Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie

dr dre monster beats headphones Looking for a way to get out of debt for the new year

dre beats headphones pro Looking for a way to get out of debt for the new year

Kenya L. retailers at a BidOnFusion live auction. She then sold that same merchandise with a major markup.

BidOnFusion, an ambitious B2B (business to business) start up and the fastest growing company in the liquidation auctions industry, has created an enterprising business model for self starters who are motivated to get back on track financially. Whether you have mounting debt or you’re eager to earn extra money, BidOnFusion offers opportunities to buy for less and sell with profit.

“There are many more grateful customers who used this opportunity to buy and sell and have managed to change their lives quite dramatically, thanks to BidOnFusion,” said Sebastian Baerend, BidOnFusion founder, chairman and CEO of Fusion Surplus Solutions, Inc. “We have heard many classic ‘Cinderella’ stories from customers around the country who were deep in debt. They borrowed money and in just a few months became successful entrepreneurs.”

Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, flea markets, thrift stores and overseas exports are some of the outlets where folks can sell their wares with a substantial markup, but Burton realized her selling skills within minutes after a BidOnFusion auction.

On Dec. 18, she shared her auction triumph on BidOnFusion’s Facebook page.

“I won four bids on full pallets, all for $75 each. On one of my pallets, I had four of the new Barbie Dreamhouse (retailed in the store over $300),” she wrote. Among the other items on the four pallets she won were 20 pairs of Dre Beats Earbuds that were all priced at more than $100, on sale. By the time Burton left the parking lot, she said she had already sold the Dre Beat Earbuds at $35 and three Dreamhouses at $175.

“I only spent $300 on the pallets, plus the 20 percent seller’s fee and six percent (sales) tax. I made my money back within five minutes after the auction was over. It is well worth it,” Burton explained.

When Russell Snyder heard there’s a way to get products that customers return to stores at a fraction of the price, he attended his first auction in Wilkes Barre at the former Sunshine Market.

“I heard about this from a friend at a flea market I was at,” Snyder said. “When I saw the opportunity, I took it. I went to my first auction and it was like an adrenaline rush, bidding and trying to win the pallet of product that I wanted.”

Baerend noted that BidOnFusion offers clients the customer support and training they need to succeed in this business.

“In 2016, we will continue to work diligently to improve our customer support and, because of customer interest, also provide more training to our new customers,” Baerend noted. “Our customers can also continue to count on us to explain in further detail how to achieve success with BidOnFusion.”.
dr dre monster beats headphones Looking for a way to get out of debt for the new year

beats headphones wiki Long Beach CA limited liability partnership

beat box headphone Long Beach CA limited liability partnership

A Limited Liability Partnership is a businessstructure in which individual partners who do not participate in the day to day operations of the business are not legally responsible for negligent actions of the other partners, or those of employees they do not directly supervise.This limitation of liability for the actions of others associated with the business is the only difference between a LLP and a standard partnership. Not all states recognize Limited Liability Partnerships. States that do recognize LLPs generally limit this type of business structure to professionals such as lawyers, accountants, and architects. LLPs are not taxable entities. Thisis a partnership where some or all of the partners will have limited liability with the company . In this way, it has characteristics of both a partnership and a corporation.In an LLP, one partner is not held liable for the misconduct of one of the other partners . This is a big difference from a regular partnership. In the LLP, some of the partners will be similar to corporation stockholders,
beats headphones wiki Long Beach CA limited liability partnership
in that the have a limited amount of liability . Some countries require that at least one of the partners be a general partner, which means that they have unlimited liability. Also, unlike a corporation, the partners all have the right and ability to manage the business directly , without having to voice concerns at a stockholder meeting. An LLP will also have different levels of tax requirements and liability than a corporation will.A limited liability partnership is different from a limited partnership. A limited partnership will require one or more partners to have unlimited liability, but will allow others to become passive limited liability partners. A limited liability partnership will allow the partners to manage the business and still have limited personal liability . With these differences, a limited liability partnership is better for businesses where all investors want to actively help to manage the business.
beats headphones wiki Long Beach CA limited liability partnership

amazon beats headphones London Hollywood Dickens

beats best headphones London Hollywood Dickens

This Thanksgiving weekend was ideal for the family film THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS which tells a behind the scenes story of how Charles Dickens, determined to have a bestselling comeback after three flops and with a holiday deadline, created his magical story about the meaning of Christmas with 1843 Christmas Carol. Dan Stevens, already seen this year as the Beast in DISNEY BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and Marvel TV series LEGION, is Dickens.

So what better time if in London this week than visit the Charles Dickens Museum in Bloomsbury? Here Dickens (1812 70), on the strength of the sales of THE PICKWICK PAPERS, moved in and up to rent a handsome five floor house in 1837, the year Queen Victoria reign began. He subsequently moved twice. This is not the house Dickens is lavishly redecorating in TMWIC where he wrote several of his best known novels. That and his final house no longer exist. This is the home where Catherine Dickens gave birth to two daughters by 1852 she would have 10 children. Here is also the bedroom of Mary Hogarth, Catherine sister, whose unexpected and sudden death 17 prompted Dickens dramatic mourning for the young woman he found pure and good. The event would be reflected in the sentimental death scenes he subsequently wrote. There are portraits, busts, Dickens writing desk, fully furnished rooms including his dressing room with his custom made tuxedo suitable for Court, the curved dining room with its table display of china and silver, deathbed artifacts, including a final portrait by Millais. The washing room below stairs and the kitchen remain silent testament to the working women on the household staff whom Dickens often recognized in his writing for their herculean daily tasks. There is also a caf.

Dan Stevens, who was featured in the Herald last Sunday, will celebrate Christmas dinner in LA with his family, although probably not with a Dickens style goose. Here are other excerpts from our interview:

Q: What was the big surprise when playing Dickens?

DAN STEVENS: We discovered there were some strange parallels. We were lucky to have the great Miriam Margulies as the housekeeper and she herself (along with Simon Callow who plays the illustrator Fleet) are great Dickens experts. It was a validation I suppose, a blessing to have them with us. The first thing Miriam said to me on Day One was, of course you know he was bipolar and I hadn reached that conclusion. With Dickens there is a lot of behavior that we wouldn expect from the bearded monolith of his later years. I was happy to discover this younger, more manic Dickens who put himself under pressure to create one of the world most iconic pieces of literature.

Q: Was he what we would now call bipolar?

DS: Dickens famously walked very fast and I think he also thought very fast. He was almost cursed with [seeing] a very broad social panorama. He saw a tremendous lot of ills in society around him. A lot of people didn pay much credence to that. I think going to the workhouse [when his father went to debtor prison, an episode lavishly described in the Dickens Museum] looms large over his work. He was really almost obsessed with childhood and childhood trauma 60 years before Freud rocked the world. A fascinating mind, a rich field to dive into.

Q: You left the show in 2012, five years ago. Is Matthew Crawley of DOWNTON ABBEY really history? Or do people continue to recognize you for that?

DS: It feels a long time ago and I think I always be associated with that, and very proud to be associated with that. And now it that and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST or LEGION. And I been working very hard so I happy that it working.

Q: How do you find your fans when you encounter them?

DS: Incredibly engaged.

Q: In DISNEY BEAUTY AND THE BEAST we only see your face for the last five minutes. I couldn help but wonder if all those scenes with The Beast were really you.

DS: Funnily enough it is my face you seeing for the whole movie. This technology we used and the resolution you can get from spraying somebody face with 10000 dots yields this incredibly detailed Beast mask. It was like I was wearing the most hypersensitive mask anyone could create and it was an entire team: a facial hair team who were responsible to have a digital hair on every pore on my face. The resolution of the digital realm is so much more greater now. It my eyes poking thru that thing and it really was a magical process.

Q: How did your Marvel series LEGION happen? Were you looking to do television and play David Haller, a schizophrenic who is blessed with special powers?

DS: These days the lines between the two are very different than they used to be. For me it really is the writing and if it character led if the character is intriguing enough. I met with Noah Hawley [the LEGION showrunner and wizard behind the amazing first two seasons of FARGO] a year or so back. I had no plans at that point to do television. I sure he had no plans to cast me. He asked me to do something weird and beautiful and that first season was like making an 8 hour movie and the second like a 10 hour movie. Epic really.

Noah a tremendous craftsman at the long form narrative. That really makes a great showrunner and somebody who can evoke an experience and that what LEGION really is more than anything. LEGION is made very much in the spirit of comic books if not an adaptation of one particular issue of that comic. It the playful nature of the show that makes us able to take on these cosmic or existential questions and bat them around in a strange space. That what happens in the pages of comic books and that what happens with our show.

Winning, fun, funny: LOVE, LIES RECORDS

An unusual blend of family drama, courtroom shenanigans and personal stories, LOVE, LIES RECORDS (ACORNTV, six episodes, one new one weekly, thru Dec. 21 finale) is engaging, a smart series. Ashley Jensen (the relocated heroine of AGATHA RAISIN) is a registrar with a job, family and office politics to confront daily, alongside often desperate clients. It a busy life and a demanding one with so much competing for her time and attention. Harried, yes, but never down and out. Jensen has already won some kind of international Emmy for her performance. LOVE, LIES RECORDS has plot complications that if a bit outlandish manage to remain real. When Jensen Kate Dickinson is promoted to the top spot, her bitter rival (deliciously malevolent Rebecca Front as Judy) reveals a compromising security video that displays a married mother and presumable role model completely inappropriate behavior at the office in a steamy coupling with a co worker. It only the start of the obstacles Kate will face.


HBO critically applauded documentary THE DEFIANT ONES (Blu ray+ DVD, Universal Home Entertainment, unrated) covers several decades to chronicle the unexpected but successful partnership of two formidable culturally defining artists: Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Divided into four parts DEFIANT ONES (the title is a homage to Hollywood award winning interracial 1958 drama with Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis) lets us inside this dynamic duo celebrated accomplishments. Iovine began as a hit producer of the likes of Springsteen before becoming the music industry most powerful exec as head of Interscope Records in the 1980s 90s. Dre was a founding father of gangsta rap and crucial to many careers including Eminem and 50 Cent. The doc begins in 2014 with the sale of Beats by Dre headphones, founded by the duo, to Apple and works back. Directed by Allen Hughes (MENACE II SOCIETY) over three years, DEFIANT never succumbs to boring uplift, preferring to engage, suggest,
amazon beats headphones London Hollywood Dickens
explore the culture and the ripples they made. Also in the mix: Bono, Springsteen, Trent Reznor, Ice Cube, Nas, Gwen Sefani, Snoop Dogg and Tom Peter.

Two late Fifties Jean Gabin vehicles as a world famous detective are now available: The French language Georges Simenon adaptations MAIGRET SETS A TRAP (1958) and MAIGRET AND THE ST. FIACRE CASE (1959). Simenon is rightly compared to Agatha Christie and Maigret, famous for his pipe and his pondering, is perhaps a distance cousin to Christie Belgian bachelor detective Hercule Poirot. Where Poirot operates individually, Maigret is on the Paris police force, a greatly respected detective. MAIGRET SETS A TRAP has the police in the dark as a maniacal killer stalks single woman in the city Marais district, grabbing them from behind and quickly stabbing them to death and disappearing. The murderer invites certain doom when he challenges Maigret to capture him. TRAP is not exactly fun with near incestuous mother son relationship, an enabling wife and a quivering, hysterical would be artist becoming central to solving the case. MAIGRET AND THE ST. FIACRE CASE the following year finds the detective out of the City of Lights for a visit to his countryside town to help an old friend, the Countess of St. Fiacre who has received an ominous missive announcing her imminent death. Naturally she soon dies how else could Maigret have a crime to solve? This too has a Christie like element with all the suspects gathered round the dinner table for Maigret brainy solution to whodunit.

There a reason MIDSOMER MURDERS goes on and on and on. Its first rate scenarios, coupled with gruesome, violent crime in the most bucolic settings imaginable are irresistible. Comforting but disturbing, the new 7 disc, 14 90 minute mysteries that comprise MIDSOMER MURDERS JOHN BARNABY FIRST CASES (DVD, Acorn, unrated) displays how the series transformed in 2011 after 11 seasons with John Nettles as its low key star, Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby, to current lead Neil Dudgeon who is the new DCI JOHN Barnaby (they had to keep the Barnaby name; MIDSOMER is distributed globally and in some territories known simply as BARNABY). Conveniently a cousin with the proper last name, in the series 14 and 15 that go from 2011 2013, we see the sometimes prickly relationship of DCI assistant Deputy Superintendent Ben Jones (Jason Hughes) who moves on in the last episode, not included here Christmas Haunting. With Dudgeon the series is no longer so genteel. There is kinky sex, a mind controlling cult, a maniacal murderer on the loose, a depressing case where police work has nothing to do with capturing the criminal only good luck. There much ado about John Barnaby dog Sikes (think Dickens OLIVER TWIST) and the unexpected spectacle of a bearded Jones undercover with a discreet butt baring shower scene.

Chuck Norris became an action star following a breakthru as the hirsute white guy beaten to a pulp by Bruce Lee in the now classic 1972 THE WAY OF THE DRAGON. Norris with his martial arts skills never mimicked the muscular heights of his rivals Andrew Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone; perhaps that was part of the reason he never attained their stratospheric heights of global popularity and box office success. Norris however was dependable with an interchangeable string of hits (GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK, A FORCE OF ONE, AN EYE FOR AN EYE, FORCED VENGEANCE). Audiences knew what to expect in his modestly budgeted action oeuvre. CODE OF SILENCE (Blu ray DVD, Kino Classics, R) from 1985 is a first rate example of very good Norris it often cited as his best. Directed by the enterprising Andrew Davis (check out THE PACKAGE and his justly lauded greatest hit THE FUGITIVE) with an eye for pacing alongside an emotionally coherent storyline, CODE has Norris as cop Eddie Cusack fighting departmental corruption tied to the let stick together theme of the film title as he battles two well connected thugs. (Cops blindly ignoring the facts to suit their prejudices Davis employed prominently in FUGITIVE with Harrison Ford man on the run rightfully as afraid of the Chicago police as he was Tommy Lee Jones Federal agent.).

An era ended with the final Republic Pictures 1958 release, THE MAN WHO DIED TWICE (Blu ray, KINO CLASSICS, unrated). Republic was founded in 1935 and director Joe Kane helmed their first release. A small studio who specialized in cheap westerns and serials and boosted stars like John Wayne and singing cowboys Roy Rogers ( Trigger!) and Gene Autry. Republic was ready for its final fade out with MAN WHO DIED TWICE, Kane final film for the studio and also the farewell to cinema for Czech skating star turned Republic leading lady Vera Ralston. Ralston had notoriety due to her 1949 marriage to Republic owner Herbert Yates; she was 33, he was 72 and had divorced his wife to marry again. MAN is an effective, snappy (70 minutes) detective drama with nightclub owner/songbird Ralston suddenly widowed, the police earnest but ineffective, hired assassins ready for rub outs and a sizable stash of heroin eagerly sought by rivals. Mike Mazurski, a fixture of noir (1944 MURDER, MY SWEET), stands out as a hulking bartender in Ralston club. The best lines and the best roles go to the killer thugs played by Gerald Milton and Richard Karlan. Toby Roan audio commentary is a bit plus.
amazon beats headphones London Hollywood Dickens

design beats by dre headphones LogicMark says mPERS not just for seniors

dre beats headphones amazon LogicMark says mPERS not just for seniors

LOUISVILLE, Ky. PERS provider LogicMark, based here, is making a foray into the mobile PERS market with the launch of SentryPal, set to be rolled out at ISC West.

Troy Bruce, director of sales at LogicMark, believes the product can broaden the demographic potential for PERS, opening up new segments of the market where traditional PERS units aren’t typically channeled.

Bruce envisions the units not only being useful for college and high school students, but also teachers who may need to signal duress, or even professionals who work alone and in unfamiliar places, like real estate agents.

Kevin O’Connor, president of LogicMark, agrees that mPERS has the potential to bring new customers into the fold.

“The general industry view has been that with mobile PERS you potentially get a younger customer, and maybe not somebody in their late seventies or eighties,” O’Connor told Security Systems News. “It might be someone who’s more active and out and about, and that’s really the goal.”

LogicMark’s mPERS strategy involves developing an effective marketing program that manages the expectations of dealers and end users alike. While mPERS units are becoming increasingly sophisticated, there are limits to what they can do from a tracking standpoint, O’Connor noted.

Dealers, he added, need to be aware of those limitations and convey that information effectively to customers.

“GPS is a science, just not an exact science,” O’Connor said. “So if somebody is wanting to know if they can pinpoint exactly where a family member is with that device, they may or may not be able to do that, especially if they happen to be indoors.”

LogicMark will also unveil an in home PERS solution, called the Caretaker Sentry, at ISC West, O’Connor noted.

Troy Bruce, director of sales at LogicMark, pointed out that the sophisticated functionality of the SentryPal is one reason it could attract a broader market. The unit features an SOS signal and a “bread crumbing” capability that allows subscribers to see where a unit is and where it has been. It also sends notifications indicating if the battery is low or the unit has been turned off, Bruce explained.

Some other intelligent functions include a sensor that determines when the unit has exceeded a certain speed limit and a function that allows the device to interact with geo fencing parameters, which can let end users know when someone has left or entered a pre established area.
design beats by dre headphones LogicMark says mPERS not just for seniors

dr dre beats headphones on sale Local shoppers get a head start

beat box headphones Local shoppers get a head start

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DICKSON CITY They came for Beats by Dre but also left with giant teddy bears.

Taylor resident Kayla LaFerriere went to Target on Thursday among scores of shoppers who got an early start on Black Friday after Thanksgiving dinner, with stuffed animal connoisseurs Willow Wildman of Throop and Jaylynn Medley of Carbondale in tow.

LaFerriere took care of her boyfriend’s Christmas present early when she found the heavily discounted set of headphones for $159 which normally retail for about twice that much while her companions succumbed to the impulse to buy the $10 Giant Bears.

“We have always wanted a really big one,” said Wildman.

Having accomplished their mission, the trio continued to Toys R Us to find a Baby Alive for a younger cousin. Both stores drew heavy crowds, with hundreds of shoppers descending on Toys R Us looking for deals within its first 45 minutes of opening.

Store manager Diane Sheard lost count of shoppers pretty quickly but felt like the early crowd was comparable to what she has seen in recent years as the toy store offered “doorbusters” ranging from 50 percent off Barbie dolls to 40 percent off Lego construction sets.

“I have something like 70 team members here,” Sheard said. “We’re ready. It’s going to be a great two days We’ve got the Lol Balls (flying off the shelves). Nerf is going out big time. We had a couple of Geoffrey’s Top 20 toys (from the list of trendy toys). We had the Fingerlings that are coming in sporadically through Christmas. (Nintendo) Switches are here, PlayStation 4s. A lot of different things.”

Jermyn residents Katie Johnson and Mike Kania left with bags of loot, including arts and crafts, Fisher Price toys and a baby walker for their children, 4 year old Shylar and 5 month old Arianna.

Their receipt indicated they saved about $122 and spent about $165, which Kania said helped a lot with the Christmas budget.

“We probably doubled the toys because of it,” he said.

Many of the shoppers had traditional turkey day feasts with families earlier in the day before they started shopping, although for Thompson Twp. sisters Amy Vivona and Jill Soden, the Black Friday shopping spree is a 17 year tradition.

After a trip to Toys R Us, the pair planned to visit Kohl’s, Wal Mart, Target, the Viewmont Mall and Michaels.

Meanwhile in Scranton, Laura Miller, who was holding as many shopping bags as she could carry when she spoke with The Times Tribune, had traveled all the way from New Hope in Bucks County to clean up at the sales at Boscov’s.

She found gifts for her husband, son, daughter and friends, including heavily discounted NCAA sweatshirts, slippers, wallets and handbags after sharing Thanksgiving dinner with her family.

“Everyone was napping and watching football, so I thought I would sneak out for a little while,” Miller said.

Some of the hot items including 75 percent off handbags which needed to frequently be restocked and $100 off KitchenAid mixers.

“When we opened up the doors right at 6:00, we had big crowds coming through the doors,” said manager Steve Vituszynski, whose store had about 80 people working Thursday and will have all hands on deck about 250 people today. “Everybody seemed that they were on a mission.”.
dr dre beats headphones on sale Local shoppers get a head start