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lil wayne beats headphones Halloween Costumes

Great Halloween costumes are rare. Too many people pick something up off the rack. Or they use the holiday as an excuse to wear too little in an effort to get noticed. (Not you, though. You’re reading this, so you’re clearly making an effort.)

Get noticed for the right reasons with an epic Halloween costume like the ones below. Blow minds and melt hearts. Astonish your friends and dominate the conversation at your Halloween party. Mostly, though, make yourself an excellent present to celebrate the most popular holiday for builders, doers, and makers.

You’ll need at least one advanced skill to make these projects happen. They are not for the faint of heart or the last minute costume creator. Procrastinators, check out these slightly less complicated but still awesome easy Halloween costumes.

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beats in ear headphones review Halloween Costumes

what are beats headphones Hacking Automotive Ultrasonic Sensors

beats by dre headphone price Hacking Automotive Ultrasonic Sensors

This instructable will show you how to hack / reuse a common Bosch automotive ultrasonic sensor(s). The sensor in this instructable is a very common sensor that can be found in junkyards all over the world. The hope is that this information will allow folks to reuse these sensors in wonderful new applications.Detect multiple objects within the sensor’s field of view. This particular sensor returns all echoes after a ping event. In contrast, many hobbyist sensors only return the distance to the first detected object.All Digital. No analog signals are used between the control module and sensors. In other words, the sensors are all digital. Note, the first generation automotive sensors were analog and had many problems. Many aftermarket systems are still analog!Water proof. Both the sensor and the connector are completely water proof. Remember, these sensors live inside a vehicle fascia. The inside surface of a fascia is a very tough environment!Short circuit proof. The IO pins can be shorted to battery, or ground, or in any combination without harm to the sensor. This includes reverse battery and double (24 Volts) battery connections. Believe it, or not, but modern vehicles are still designed to allow good old back country boys to connect two batteries in series so that their trucks can start really fast! Legacy automotive requirement, I’m guessing.EMI (electromagnetic interference) resistant. The sensor has been through a lot of testing to prove it’s capable of both being resistant to EMI interference and resistant to generating EMI noise. The EMI tests take weeks being able to pass automotive EMI requirements is a really big deal!Hardened. The face of the sensor is electro primed and painted solid aluminum. The rest of the sensor is plastic with the electronics rubber potted.Shock proof. Again, the sensor design had to prove it’s self in a whole battery of tests. Again, remember that fascia mounting location bumpy place to live.Zap Proof. Each of the sensor pin is tested during EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing to verify it can survive a high voltage discharge. I think the test requires surviving a 15kV zap on each pin! Nothing worst than watching this test being performed on your product at the EMC lab. I’m convinced, watching this took years off my lifespan!Temperature proof. Tested from 40 degrees C to +85 C. There is also thermal shock tests that must be passed. Living in a fascia is not easy.Expandable. Multiple sensors can easily be used to cover any portion of 360 degrees. As an example, it would be easy to use eight sensors on a robot where the sensors were placed at 45 degree increments around a circle. The robot could then have a complete 360 degree view with no moving parts!Fast. One ping out two meters and back takes just under 50ms (milliseconds). The 50ms I quote actually includes two pings (to double verify) and guard band time. See below for more on this.Smart. A sensor can be commanded to generate a ping or, instead, to simply listen. Using a pinging sensor and one, or more, listening sensors tricks can be done to detect additional (very close) objects. More on this below too.Elliptical Pattern. The ultrasonic pattern generated is purposely not circular as you might expect. Otherwise, the sensor would get echoes off the ground. Turns out, the lip of a pot hole reflects a lot of ultrasonic energy.Low Power. A sensor only draws about 20 to 25mA. About the same amount of energy used to light a standard LED.OK, these sensors are just about as bullet proof as possible. Needless to say, if you find yourself in possession of one of these sensors, and it has not been smashed,
what are beats headphones Hacking Automotive Ultrasonic Sensors
it is most likely a good one. In other words, if the sensor shows no sign of mechanical abuse it is probably good.These sensors can be found in junkyards all over the world. The sensor used in this instructable come from Bosch and are widely used in GM and Chrysler vehicles. I believe, but don’t know for sure, that the sensor are also used in many European vehicles too. After all, this is Bosch (a German company) we’re talking about.A disclaimer is in order. I worked for a small supplier who also produced ultrasonic sensors for GM. However, that was three years ago. I never had, nor ever learned of, any direct knowledge of how a Bosch ultrasonic sensor / system is designed or how it is used or operated. The GM engineers were very careful not to divulge anything (other than warranty info) concerning competing suppliers.All information in this instructable came by way of reverse engineering my wife’s 2008 GM Tahoe which had a reverse backup system factory installed. For sure, these sensor operates completely different than the system I was involved with. Although I really like these sensors, I have no love loss for Bosch as a company. They put it to us every chance they got.It just kills me that these sensors are going unused by the hacker community. After all, over 100 million Bosch ultrasonic sensors have been produced since being introduced in 1993. This factoid can directly off their web site. Let me say it again because it is astounding, there have been 100,000,000 ultrasonic sensors produced by Bosch since 1993. However, Valeo’s web site claims they are the world’s largest ultrasonic automotive supplier. So, Valeo (who introduced the sensor in 1991) has produced even more! Wow, so there are a lot of sensors out there. Note, Valeo (a French company) supplies ultrasonic sensors to Ford, as well as to European manufactures.OK, head out to your local junkyard and look for any GM or Chrysler vehicle that was manufactured since 2006. This particular sensor design might even go back even farther I just don’t know. Still, there are plenty of 2006 through 2011 GM and Chrysler vehicles around to plunder. Go get ’em boys and girls. Oh, don’t forget to snag the wire harness in the fascia too. Those water proof sensor connectors are very precious. You’ll need those connectors later on.When looking for sensors make sure they match the first picture below. Bosch laser etches their name right into the sensor plastic housing. Never mind GM does not allow suppliers to mark their name on their own product. Bosch seems to get away with ignoring this GM rule. Look for the Bosch name and logo, and also that the sensor shape matches the picture in this instructable. With a matching logo and shape you have the right sensor. You should not have any problem finding these sensors. My local junkyard quoted me $30 bucks for a set of four sensors (harness included).Each sensor has three pins. The pins are +8.5 volt supply, single wire half duplex comm, and ground. In a vehicle, the UPA module provides the 8.5 volt regulated supply to the sensors. The UPA is able to switch this supply on, and off, at will. As an example, while traveling down the highway the sensors are switched off. When the vehicle slows below some magic speed threshold the sensors are switched back on.
what are beats headphones Hacking Automotive Ultrasonic Sensors

top beats by dre headphones Hack an Inexpensive Doll to Be Poseable

what is the best beats headphones Hack an Inexpensive Doll to Be Poseable

Step 2: Disclaimers and Various WarningsOnce complete, this doll may not be suitable for young children. There is a good chance that one of the dolls parts may come off, exposing possibly sharp wire which could cause injury.When cutting plastic with a hot knife, make sure a window is open and there is good ventilation.Using the jeweler’s saw (or a hot knife), separate the doll arms and legs into sections at the knee,
top beats by dre headphones Hack an Inexpensive Doll to Be Poseable
ankle, elbow and wrist. Try to create the knee and elbow lines symmetrically so they line up evenly in the final assembly.Using the pin vise, create a starter hole in the center of the leg. Then use the hand drill to slowly drill out a hole abouta half inch deep in the center of the lower and upper leg and lower and upper arm.Do the same for the feet and hands, but make the hole only a quarter inchdeep.Go slowly when drilling the forearm and ankle. Allow 15 seconds for the glue to set before handling again.Trim away excess wire, but leave at least 3/4″ extending out of the hole.Remove the armsby pulling them off. They should come off easily.Cut the hips away from the torso at the waist.Thread a length of wire through the hips as shown in the first photo. Try to hook it around the internal support rod for added strength.Apply super glue to the ends of the wires extending from the hips and insert into the upper leg holes. Allow to set 15 seconds.
top beats by dre headphones Hack an Inexpensive Doll to Be Poseable

dre beats solo headphones Guide to Performing a Liquidity Analysis

ebay beats headphones Guide to Performing a Liquidity Analysis

The Fluidity of Liquidity

Some people feel a great deal of confusion by the complex and confusing glossary of the financial business world, and understanding liquidity analysis is a perfect example. The term actually means just what it sounds like: The liquidity of your finances, meaning your ability to utilize money in a timely fashion to meet financial situations that arise.

Liquidity is different from solvency. A business is considered liquid if its assets are sufficient and are sufficiently convertible to cover liabilities. Liquidity implies that the owners fluid ability to convert assets will convince investors or bankers to loan money to the business.

Liquidity problems occur when, for example, the business owner cannot convert assets into cash quickly enough to cover liabilities as needed. However, the fact that he has assets might convince lenders to help him out in given situations. The businesss combination or ratio of assets to liabilities keeps it liquid.

What Information Do Liquidity Ratios Provide?

If it wants to succeed, a business must be able to meet its regular demands as well as any unexpected expenses that come up. Liquidity is determined by dividing current assets by current liabilities. If someone has assets in the amount of $300,000 and liabilities of $100,000, the liquidity ratio will be 3. A ratio of 1.5 or higher is positive.

An Example of a Basic Balance Sheet

Where does the business owner get these figuresthe total assets and liabilities? They are figures, along with others, found on the balance sheet. Of course, the ratio is a little more complicated than assets divided by liabilities. Youve got to take your assets and subtract current inventory. Your liabilities should include your equity. This article links you to a free downloadable template for a balance sheet.

Ratio Analysis of Financial Statements

You keep hearing about ratios, but a companys trustworthiness or value must be crunched into a number so that investors and lenders can make decisions about the company. Those numbers help the owner make decisions about cash on hand, accounts receivables, and much more. Learn here how the business owner can reach a liquidity ratio and give it the proper weight. Likewise, he must look at profitability ratios to see if, over a longer term, profitability remains dependable. Take a look, also, at efficiency ratios and long term solvency ratios.

Exactly What Is Solvency?

Solvency problems, on the other hand, arise when the business simply does not have the money or the assets to cover its debts. The most common example occurs when a company does not have the assets to back up its request to borrow money or its needs to raise money quickly for specific situations. When a business owner gets into trouble and he has no financial options to save his business,
dre beats solo headphones Guide to Performing a Liquidity Analysis
he is insolvent.

Overview of Solvency Ratio Analysis

Reviewing your solvency helps you determine if youve gotten too far deeply into debt to remain viable if disaster strikes. Learn about the debt ratio, which is the reverse of the liquidity ratioliabilities divided by assets. You will be able to see if too much of the money on your books comes from creditors rather than investors, which is not a good sign. Your ratio should be no greater than 0.5, although the acceptable number can vary according to industry.

Why Is Liquidity Such a Primary Factor?

It doesnt do any good to be solvent if youre not liquid. What should a company do if it has a large cash reserve? Your immediate recommendation might be investment in more capital equipment. After all, if a factory has a bigger assembly line, it can turn out more gadgets, which means more sales.

But what if the market for gadgets drops? People just dont want them anymore. The business owner who sank all his money into producing more of them will be in sorry shape.

Suppose the business owner decides to split the extra cash. Some of it, yes, he invests into capital equipment and expansion. But much of it will go into short term investments. If the owner suddenly finds a need for cashwhat if a tornado strikes the factory and blows away all his equipment?he can convert his investment back into cash and remain solvent. He has maintained his liquidity.

How Liquidity Affects Market Value and Book Value of an Investment

The companys financial statements demonstrate its liquiditycurrent as of the date the statements were prepared. In other words, a companys financial state is constantly changing with day to day market conditions. If a company has a high liquidity ratio, investors are more likely to feel comfortable putting their own money into that company.

Learning Guide: Interpret and Use Ratios

Here you will come to understand why a business manager should deal in ratios rather than just the figures. The owner can plan strategies to increase production or pull back till inventory is sold. The banker will decide that if the company is sufficiently liquid to cover any needs that arise, the company will be a worthwhile investment.

Acid Test Ratio: Examples and Calculation

For purposes of calculating liquidity, the acid test ratio excludes inventory as an asset. After all, investors consider that even if the company doesnt sell another gadget, they still want to recover their investment or loan. For this purpose the assets will include only cash, short term investments, and accounts receivables.

Interpreting the Liquidity Ratio

Once youve got the ratios done, what do they mean? What should the owner be looking at, and what do investors check? Youll find useful examples here such as a company that holds high amounts of cash on hand. Why is that not a good thing? That means the owner is not putting the cash to work for the business, neither investing in capital equipment nor in short term high yield investments. When accounts receivables are too high, that means the owner needs to coax his debtors into paying up or else slow down on the credit he extends.

Analysis of Common Size Financial Statements

A common size financial statement dispenses with the exact amounts of assets and liabilities. Instead, the owner chooses a year to use as a base or benchmark for the business and its ratios are represented at a value of 100%. Numbers for subsequent years are also converted to percentages. The person who is reviewing the financial statement will be able to see if the businesss profitability is increasing or decreasing and, in some cases,
dre beats solo headphones Guide to Performing a Liquidity Analysis
if a pattern is evident.

beat by dre headphones Gucci Clothing

dre beats headphone Gucci Clothing

A most prominent brand Gucci, formally known as The House of Gucci, is an Italian fashion brand, manufacturing fashionable clothes and leather products label. It has gained a prestigious place in the fashion world. Gucci brand is easily recognized as it is the most famous brand in the present scenario. He gave his best of skill in craftsmanship of the leather goods. In 1920 he started producing and manufacturing lavish luggage goods. The first boutique was started in Rome in the year 1938, famously known as Via Condotti. Initially, Gucci concentrated on designing and manufacturing the company s most recognized products in the international market. Gucci introduced the most popular handbags with Bamboo handle, back in 1947, which are still well known in today s market. The designer clothing products for men and women basically comprised of luxury luggage, stylish ties, designer shoes and famous handbags with the bamboo handle. After his death in 1953, the business touched new heights and gained a great recognition in the international fashion market. His family was the main cause of enormous success for Gucci as it opened a lot many stores in world famous places like Paris, London, Tokyo, Beverly Hills and Palm Beach. The entire Gucci Empire has become quite well known in the year 1950. The brand further gained its publicity and made Gucci comparable to “chic”, with the help of the Hollywood stars like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Peter Sellers. The shoulder bags became popular and quite well known by the name “Jackie O” as Jackie Kennedy posed himself during a photo shoot with the Gucci shoulder bag. The company already had a GC logo by this time. In the year 1990, Gucci Clothing included a variety of products like perfumes, leather fashions, cosmetics, shoes, suitcases, watches, sports articles, silk scarves, jewelry, ties, eyeglasses etc Thus Gucci became more identified brand in the fashion world with several other famous brands. In the year 2006, Gucci generated a global income of more than US$7 billion according to the sources of Business Week magazine. Amongst the Top 100 world famous brands it ranked 46th in the annual chart. Gucci is recognized as the second largest and the best selling fashion industry after LVMH. Gucci has more than 425 stores internationally. Gucci franchisees and the fashionable stores offer the wide range of products of this world famous brand. The house of Gucci is recognized by several financial institutions and organizations due to their remarkable performance in business which in turn contributes to a huge turnover.
beat by dre headphones Gucci Clothing

beats solo headphones Growing Geometrically

beat 6 headphones Growing Geometrically

Guerrillas don’t try to grow only in linear fashion by adding new customers. They grow geometrically by mining current customers.

There are three ways to make a business more profitable and two of those ways lack something in the way of marketing wisdom. The first way and least likely to generate substantial profits but most likely to generate substantial heartaches is by waiting for word of mouth marketing to bring those clients and customers to you.

An astonishing number of businesses follow this course and eventually learn that it leads directly over a cliff and into despair. This is called no growth and it is very inexpensive but no fun.

A second way to make a business flourish is to market the business to the world and to your prospects. You can never stop doing this because it’s a superb source of new customers, but if you follow this highway and no other, you’ll find that it leads to a dead end.

But even before you hit it, you’ll run out of fuel or money because this method, known as linear growth, is very expensive, not to mention frustrating. Glamorous? Yes. High profile? Yes again. Profitable? No. Not profitable. It costs the linear growth people six times more to market their products and services than it costs guerrillas with the identical offerings because guerrillas know a third and better way to beautify their treasuries.

The third way to create profits is to fully comprehend the remarkable worth of existing customers, then lean upon them for repeat business and referral business. This is called geometric growth because it has more dimensions than linear growth and greater magnitudes than no growth. In the quest for profits, it’s the best way to fly.

Guerrillas are sure to offer enough quality and service, enthusiasm and flexibility, to earn word of mouth recommendations hand over tongue. They are also assiduous about marketing their offers and benefits to attract prospects, even create prospects out of disinterested humanoids. And they are nothing short of awesome when it comes to converting those prospects into paying customers. But linear growth alone is not good enough for them.

Geometric growth is where it’s at and guerrillas do it by focusing big time on follow up, which leads to repeat sales, and on referrals which lead to referral sales. By combining good word of mouth, consistent linear growth and abundant geometric growth, they soon learn that marketing is easy, business is fun and life can be a dream.

Of the three ways to grow, no growth is the cheapest because it costs absolutely nothing but faith,
beats solo headphones Growing Geometrically
and linear growth is the most expensive because it costs absolutely nothing but money.

Geometric growth, as all good guerrilla marketing, asks you to make an investment of time, energy and imagination. Spend actual time developing a follow up plan, one which calls for you to stay in touch with existing customers about six times a year. Do it with snail mail letters and postcards, email, faxes, phone calls, personal visits, gift packages, greeting cards and anything else your imagination can cook up. This is no time to be cool. This is when to be effusive.

After you’ve got a fully loaded follow up plan, ready to put into force within 48 hours of every sale you make for that timing is part of superb follow up, devote the time to create a referral plan. Many guerrilla businesses report that up to 70% of their business comes from referrals. And they don’t just sit around and wait for those referrals, lighting candles and praying.

They begin going for referral business right from the start. The guerrilla dentist receives a phone call to make an appointment and asks, “Is this appointment for you or for your entire family?” The guerrilla always asks new customer “Who referred you to us?” and then mentions that referrals are a very important part of the business.

That same guerrilla probably brings up the gifts that he gives customers who refer new people. He writes to his customers at least twice a year asking for the names of people who might benefit from getting adding to his mailing list asking only for the name of five people and enclosing a postpaid reply envelope to make everything easy. That guerrilla realizes that there are about ten good referral systems and he’s using five of them.

The more you market geometrically, the less you invest in marketing. Because it costs only one sixth as much to sell something to an existing than a new customer, follow up is paramount. Referral customers bring down the cost of doing business as well because they come to you at no cost or very little cost.

You don’t need me to herald the benefits of growing geometrically. You only have to talk to a guerrilla. Better yet, try implementing aggressive follow up and referral plans for yourself. Be your own guerrilla. Then you won’t need me to give you any geometry lessons.
beats solo headphones Growing Geometrically

stores that sell beats by dre headphones Grow Onions From Discarded Onion Bottoms

beat over the ear headphones Grow Onions From Discarded Onion Bottoms

Introduction: Grow Onions From Discarded Onion Bottoms

This Instructable outlines how to grow fresh onion plants from discarded onion bottoms that would otherwise be thrown in the trash. You can theoretically create an endless supply of onions without ever having to buy bulbs or seeds, and if you’re as big of an onion lover in the kitchen as I am, you’ll have a full bed of onions in no time.

3 Week Update:

New roots have formed on the example onion used in this Instructable,
stores that sell beats by dre headphones Grow Onions From Discarded Onion Bottoms
and the starts of leaves are forming which can be seen by the two distinct rises at the top of the onion. This onion will more than likely form two plants just like fully formed example on this Intro page.

4 Week Update:

New leaves are forming above the soil, and it’s clear that this plant will be able to be divided. The more of a bottom you leave on, the better. Try for 1.5″ 2″ of attached “meat”.

Create an indentation in the center to cradle the onion bottom and allow for good soil contact.

Cover with 1 2″ of soil.

Water as needed.

Remove old onion scales.

Separate plants as needed by slicing between plants and leaving a portion of the roots attached. You may have more than 1 plant develop from a single onion bottom.

Replant in a prepared growing bed.

Cut leaves down to 1/3 of the size to allow the bulb to develop. This might seem harsh,
stores that sell beats by dre headphones Grow Onions From Discarded Onion Bottoms
but the onion will regrow those leaves with less stress.

monster beats headphones by dr. dre Green Clothing for Plus Sized Women

customize beats headphones online Green Clothing for Plus Sized Women

Types of Fabric Used in Eco Fashion

Eco fashion is all the rage these days. Stars such as Jennifer Garner have been seen out and about sporting great green clothing. From jeans made of recycled materials to clothing made of natural woven organic fibers, eco fashion options are endless. The first step in selecting the green clothing for plus sized women of your dreams is to know what fabrics are used.

Organic cotton is a common fabric used in green clothing for plus sized women. Organic cotton is grown without using harmful chemicals, and is processed without using chemical laden dyes and bleach. Any eco fashion item you could possibly desire from shirts and blouses to underwear and socks can be made from organic cotton.

Fabric woven out of bamboo feels a lot like silk. Bamboo is more antibacterial than cotton, and wicks moisture away from the body.

Recycled clothing doesn’t have to be secondhand clothing. Many items such as jeans are made out of recycled fabric. This is a great way to sport your favorite eco fashion.

Eco Fashion: Green Jeans for Plus Sized Women

Jeans for plus sized women are hard to find even if eco fashion isn’t a consideration. If you are concerned with living an eco friendly lifestyle which includes wearing green clothing items, be prepared to search high and low for eco friendly jeans for plus sized women. Don’t get too discouraged. The eco fashion jeans of your dreams could be as close as your nearest second hand store. Wearing secondhand clothing that is in good condition and is fashionable is a great way to reduce waste and also your carbon footprint. As time goes on, and eco fashion gains even more popularity, more and more green jeans for plus sized women will be on the market.

Eco Fashion: Green Clothing made from Hemp

Rawganique makes a pretty decent line of green clothing for plus sized women. The eco fashion items sold by Rawganique is made out of hemp. You may picture hippy ish thick woven chunky fabric, but the clothing at Rawganique is surprisingly chic. There’s plenty of eco fashion options for casual attire and even some dress attire that is appropriate for most offices. They sell clothing in sizes up to women’s 3X. If eco fashion isn’t your thing yet, but you still want to own some green products for your home Rawganique also sells various housewares, beauty products, and jewelry.

Eco Fashion: Green Clothing for Plus Sized From Diane Kennedy

Diane Kennedy is a Canadian fashion designer who has created a wonderful line of green clothing for women of all sizes. She uses both bamboo and tencel silk cotton for her designs. Both these fabrics are organic, and perfect for eco fashion. The lines that are used in the shirts and pants sold by this great eco savvy designer are very flattering to a full figure. Diane Kennedy collections can be found at a handful of Canadian and US retailers. Comprehensive information and photos of the various clothing options are available 24/7 on the web.

Earth Friendly Fashion Quest

It is possible to be both fashionable and eco friendly with the help of some amazing and innovative designers. Check out the latest fashions whether they’re made of the softest organic cotton or from recycled plastic bags.

Top 3 Eco Fashion Swimsuit CollectionsMountains of the Moon: Organic Style for Men, Women, and Children.
monster beats headphones by dr. dre Green Clothing for Plus Sized Women

beats headphones walmart Grandmother Jewelry

all beats headphones Grandmother Jewelry

Grandmother jewelry is a particularly touching gift, and comes in all kinds of styles and designs. A quick tour of online jewelry sources produces a pin designed like a flower basket, with a birthstone flower for each grandchild. There are stylized heart pendants with birthstone sliders, and a very contemporary looking gold chain with birthstone “wheels.” You can find a style to suit any kind of grandma.

Grandmother jewelry isn’t confined to birthstones. How about a chain with an engraved gold dog tag for each grandchild? Or a variation on the locket: a sterling envelope that can hold up to three engraved “pages.” And although the concept of the charm bracelet is traditional, it’s all in the execution,
beats headphones walmart Grandmother Jewelry
and there are some delightful contemporary charms to be had.

For the earth tone grandmother, there’s a leather thong with wooden hearts depending, each carved with a grandchild’s monogram. For a delicate silver haired patrician, how about crystal beads or pearls made into a name bracelet? Or consider a sleek serpentine chain with sliders for the sophisticated grandmother. The fact is, it doesn’t matter what kind of grandmother she may be. She’ll always appreciate a gift of jewelry that commemorates her grandchildren.
beats headphones walmart Grandmother Jewelry

beats headphones red Goalsetter Contender Basketball Hoop

justin bieber beats headphones Goalsetter Contender Basketball Hoop

The Goalsetter Contender basketball hoop is a great choice for men and women looking to get a innovative basketball hoop. The best thing is that it s a Goalsetter basketball hoop. Their basketball goals are made in the USA and serviced in the USA, they have a patented anchoring system for easy installation, they have no welding points on the extension arms of their basketball hoops, they use a 7 gauge steel on poles and backboard frame which makes it more thicker, there are no dead spots on the backboard corners, they offer a lifetime warranty even when dunking and hanging damage the hoop, and there is 2 coats of baked on acrylic enamel that prevents the basketball hoop s pole from rusting from the inside out. Their basketball hoops are great. The backboard of the Goalsetter Contender basketball hoop is 36 inches high by 54 inches wide, and the backboard itself is 3/8 inches thick. The backboard is made of fully tempered glass that makes it strong and durable to handle any aggressive play that happens on the basketball court. There is an option for the acrylic backboard for athletes, but glass backboards offer better response and playability. Because of today s oil prices, acrylic backboards are now more expensive. The backboard has a 1.5 inch steel H frame which provides for extra stability while playing on the hoop. There are nylon bushings at each connection point on the backboard, and it has strength increasing inch thick steel plate for rim mounting. The Goalsetter Contender has a 4 inch square post, a one piece structural post, and a steel construction post. It has die formed extension arms, it has wide grip one piece extension arm and these extension arms effective counter backboard shaking. The pole itself can be adjusted from 6 feet to 10 feet, and there is a 2.5 foot extension from post to backboard. The internal height adjustment mechanism on basketball post has an adjustment that is entirely concealed. The handle is easy to reach, the adjustment mechanism is shielded from the elements, and it has a patented safety compression jack. Read below for more information on this hoop. An exciting addition to the Goalsetter line up, the CONTENDER completely redefines the expectations of a mid sized goal. The standard 36″ x 54″ Competition Tempered GLASS backboard combined with a 4″ square structural steel pole and Compression Height Adjustment System provide an ease of adjustability, durability and size appeal never before available. The CONTENDER will provide your family with years of unparalleled home court play. Created as a result of customer requests, the CONTENDER design and proven performance are sure to take the intensity of your next backyard game up a notch! Customize your Contender by choosing an Internal or External Height Adjustment Mechanism. (Adjustable from 6 10 ) You can also further customize your CONTENDER System with a 3/8″ Competition Tempered Glass or Fortified Acrylic Backboard.
beats headphones red Goalsetter Contender Basketball Hoop