best beat by dre headphones Can Apple Music compete with Spotify

lil wayne dr dre beats headphones Can Apple Music compete with Spotify

CLEVELAND, Ohio Apple finally announced its new streaming service, Apple Music, Monday during WWDC.

The streaming service will be available June 30 on Apple devices and on Android and Windows this fall. Apple Music has been in the making since Apple purchased Beats Music for $3 billion last summer, effectively bringing Beats’ team of Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre and Trent Reznor onboard.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, right, hugs Beats by Dre co founder and Apple employee Jimmy Iovine at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Monday, June 8, 2015. “And music has had a rich history of change, some of which we’ve played a part in.”

Here’s what you get with the service:

Playlists based on activities, as well as artist recommendations.

Streaming access to tens of millions of tracks in the iTunes library (which has the Beatles) that you can save for offline listening.

“BeatsOne” 24/7 global radio station broadcasting non stop to more than 100 countries, featuring actual DJs and guests, including BBC’s Zane Low.

“Connect” feature allows artists like Drake (who was on hand during the conference) the ability to connect with fans by posting new tracks, behind the scenes photos, lyrics and remixes.

Tens of thousands of music videos with no ads.

Handpicked music based on your taste in the “Just For You” section.

Unsigned artists can share their music as well.

Ask Siri to play any track you’d like.

How much does Apple Music cost? It’s $9.99 per month with the first three months free. A family membership (up to six people) costs $14.99 per month. But BeatsOne is free even for non members.

The real question is whether Apple can compete with streaming juggernaut Spotify, which has more than 60 million users (including 15 million paid subscribers).

Jay Z’s Tidal has made little headway in competing with Spotify. But Apple is, well, Apple.

Apple has more than 800 million credit cards on file and the reputation as one of, if not the most prestigious company in the world. It’s also got big names like Drake, Dr. Dre and Trent Reznor, without the self righteous nature that Tidal opened with (Sorry Jay Z).

Apple and Spotify differ a bit in that Apple seems big on curating, while Spotify has a social media vibe that allows users to share playlists.

Perhaps anticipating Apple’s announcement, Spotify recently introduced a new workout/running application in partnership with Nike that detects the rhythm of your feet and chooses music for you based on your pace.

Still, Apple has diversified itself with its Beats 1 radio and artist features and its direct interface with iTunes. It looks like Spotify has some serious competition on its hands.
best beat by dre headphones Can Apple Music compete with Spotify