American Idol Season 10 Top 11 Wednesday Recap

American Idol Season Top 10 11 Wednesday Recap
Ryan Seacrest kicked off tonight’s episode of The american idol beats by dre cheap real show from Las Vegas, where they had an audience watching. Dissatisfaction with the fourth first for this season, the top 40 contestants participated the actual planet “Sudden Death Round,” which consisted of 10 contestants performing each night, with five being eliminated immediately following all 10 performances. Eventually, they gets with the 20, which will return to Hollywood and face America’s vote to get into techniques 12. If for example the judges happened to split their votes, Jimmy Iovine was the deciding election.

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Next up were Colton, beats cheap beats by dre earbuds by dre cheap solo Joshua and Heejun. Jimmy said Colton was good, but he lost his composure; he felt a lot the same way about Joshua. He doesn’t think either of these are in trouble. With Heejun, Jimmy felt it was a great return, but that Heejun is simply not as good a singer as the others. Ryan read the results, and Heejun joins Hollie towards the end three.

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