best beat by dre headphones ‘Shattered’ Porel beats the odds to make the U

beats headphones best buy ‘Shattered’ Porel beats the odds to make the U

Ishan Porel’s Under 19 World Cup was nearly over even before he realised he was playing in one. In India’s tournament opener, against Australia, he landed awkwardly in his followthrough and hobbled off after bowling just 4.1 overs. For the next 12 hours, he’d be extremely anxious. The extent of injury would be known only in the morning, after which a call was to be taken on his immediate future. Just one thought kept replaying in his mind: ‘Would I fly home or would I stay back and train with the squad in the hope of being ready for the second half of the tournament?’

Three weeks on, after picking up a four wicket haul against Pakistan to bowl India into the final, a much calmer Porel looked back at the night of January 13. He is training hard for the final and should make the XI. When he does, it will be one of the biggest moments in his career, as in the case of all his team mates.

“I was shattered,” Porel said of the injury. “The doctor had a knock over my feet and it pained horribly just by touching it. I thought all my hard work will go waste. I felt my World Cup was over. But Rahul Dravid sir and others are very experienced and know how to handle the situation. They didn’t talk much about the injury, and tried to deviate my mind.

“Paras Mhambrey sir (bowling coach) gave me examples from his Ranji days, how a piece of glass from the window pane fell on his feet and resulted in a ligament tear in the middle of a first class season. I was hurting, because I had prepared so much for this World Cup and got injured in the very first game. Two three days later, I gained my confidence. It was tough, I wasn’t feeling good, but slowly gained it back. My mom started crying [over the phone]. There’s a corner in the dressing room where I sat and cried for two hours. Alone. Nobody saw me.”

It needed immense dedication from Anand Date, the strength and conditioning trainer, who put him through the paces and keep a watch on him every day for the next week or so, to bring Porel back to his cheerful best. At training, Porel was carefully monitored, but it was dealing with his emotions off the field that proved to be a challenge. Date, however, had seen it all.

When Date first came across Porel, at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) four years ago, Porel was puny, weighing just 58 kgs, seven less than the prescribed weight for a bowler of his height six feet and three inches. Over time, the two have developed a strong working relationship, with each trusting the other wholeheartedly. This trust has been key to Porel returning every time he’s suffered injuries.

“Anand sir has been all through my career, from first NCA camp to now,” Porel, who made his Ranji Trophy debut for Bengal earlier this season, said. “He helped me a lot, how to lift weights and all. Only then I took it seriously. Himanshu Rana was there in the first camp with me. He says even now, ‘what change in this guy’! When I think back to those days, where I am now,
best beat by dre headphones 'Shattered' Porel beats the odds to make the U
I’ve improved tremendously in terms of fitness, bowling, confidence, fielding and everything.”

It’s this first NCA stint that Porel looks back on fondly as he traces his short journey as a cricketer so far. “When I first went there, I wasn’t very fit,” he said. “I was different from the other guys. I was only 14 when I got my Under 16 NCA call. Others were fitter, stronger and used to hit me all over the park. I also kept bowling here and there.”

Then, during an Under 16 tour of Bangladesh, everything changed, so much that he even received an offer to play for them. “There, I got to know what I wanted to do with life and how to progress,” he said. “That tour, I did really well. I played with a lot of the current Bangladesh Under 19 players back then. They gave me a compliment, which I still remember: ‘why don’t you come to Bangladesh and play for us?’ I didn’t think about that offer.”

Over the last four years, Porel has already suffered multiple injuries: side strain, medial collateral ligament injury , anterior cruciate ligament injury, and partial tear on his left knee while fielding at an Under 16 game. While he has emerged fitter after each injury, there have always been nagging worries about recurrence. It wasn’t too different when he returned for the quarter final against Bangladesh. “I started with some pain, and it took a while for me to get into bowling rhythm. Once I was in the flow, it worked well and I started feeling good.”

Porel seems a natural fast bowler, not just in the way he bowls and generates bounce, but also in the number of injuries he’s suffered. However, cricket wasn’t his first fancy. Coming from a family that played Kabaddi his grandfather played for the country in the 1950s and his father was a state level player he naturally started playing it, only to realise he wasn’t cut out for it, and turned to cricket.

“Initially, my parents would ask ‘you quit other sports, what’s the guarantee you won’t quit cricket?’ I’d say no, cricket is my dream. It’s different. Then I started going to coaching camps in Chandan Nagar. Then again, I got bored and my family taunted me saying they knew I’d quit. That motivated me.

“Then my club, Cricket Clinic, sent me to Kolkata (aged around 11 12). My coach there said I’m weak but I bowl well and will have a good future. I had trials and got selected for the Under 14 team. I started as a batsman. Then, in the club, they made me a fast bowler because of my height. I used to have a wrong footed action like Sohail Tanvir and had to change it. It took me a week to change the action, and I had to keep working on it. Then I played in Bangalore in an Under 14 team, where I performed well. That’s when I started getting more interested in cricket.”

Whether it was his family’s taunts or the several injuries that strengthened his resolve to become a better cricketer, he isn’t quite sure. What Porel is thankful about is the experiences he has had in his nascent career so far,
best beat by dre headphones 'Shattered' Porel beats the odds to make the U
ones that he wouldn’t trade for anything because of the life lessons he has learnt. An Under 19 World Cup medal on Saturday will make all the pain and sacrifices more than worth it.

best beat by dre headphones Can Apple Music compete with Spotify

lil wayne dr dre beats headphones Can Apple Music compete with Spotify

CLEVELAND, Ohio Apple finally announced its new streaming service, Apple Music, Monday during WWDC.

The streaming service will be available June 30 on Apple devices and on Android and Windows this fall. Apple Music has been in the making since Apple purchased Beats Music for $3 billion last summer, effectively bringing Beats’ team of Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre and Trent Reznor onboard.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, right, hugs Beats by Dre co founder and Apple employee Jimmy Iovine at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Monday, June 8, 2015. “And music has had a rich history of change, some of which we’ve played a part in.”

Here’s what you get with the service:

Playlists based on activities, as well as artist recommendations.

Streaming access to tens of millions of tracks in the iTunes library (which has the Beatles) that you can save for offline listening.

“BeatsOne” 24/7 global radio station broadcasting non stop to more than 100 countries, featuring actual DJs and guests, including BBC’s Zane Low.

“Connect” feature allows artists like Drake (who was on hand during the conference) the ability to connect with fans by posting new tracks, behind the scenes photos, lyrics and remixes.

Tens of thousands of music videos with no ads.

Handpicked music based on your taste in the “Just For You” section.

Unsigned artists can share their music as well.

Ask Siri to play any track you’d like.

How much does Apple Music cost? It’s $9.99 per month with the first three months free. A family membership (up to six people) costs $14.99 per month. But BeatsOne is free even for non members.

The real question is whether Apple can compete with streaming juggernaut Spotify, which has more than 60 million users (including 15 million paid subscribers).

Jay Z’s Tidal has made little headway in competing with Spotify. But Apple is, well, Apple.

Apple has more than 800 million credit cards on file and the reputation as one of, if not the most prestigious company in the world. It’s also got big names like Drake, Dr. Dre and Trent Reznor, without the self righteous nature that Tidal opened with (Sorry Jay Z).

Apple and Spotify differ a bit in that Apple seems big on curating, while Spotify has a social media vibe that allows users to share playlists.

Perhaps anticipating Apple’s announcement, Spotify recently introduced a new workout/running application in partnership with Nike that detects the rhythm of your feet and chooses music for you based on your pace.

Still, Apple has diversified itself with its Beats 1 radio and artist features and its direct interface with iTunes. It looks like Spotify has some serious competition on its hands.
best beat by dre headphones Can Apple Music compete with Spotify

best beat by dre headphones bringing the Victorian era back to life

on sale beats headphones bringing the Victorian era back to life

Peplum is one of those classic styles which came into fashion during the Victorian era and is again back in fashion news.

In fact the they are one of the latest trendy clothing on the red carpets these days.

In past few years there has been a revolutionary change in the women’s fashion world; in fact the women’s fashion trend keeps changing with every changing season.

Irrespective of the changing fashion trends, there are certain styles in women’s fashion world which are timeless and never completely go out of the fashion, and this is of course one of them.

This costume is basically a small overskirt which is added to the waistline of dresses, blouses, or even the jackets.

They really look stylish and it is also very easy to make it.

In general, they are matched with a pencil skirt underneath and it helps in building a very feminine and elegant kind of a look.

The style also facilitates in defining an hourglass shape.

This style also highlights the woman’s waist because of the tight waistline of the garment and in fact during the Victorian era; Peplums were utilized as a way to draw attention to a petite waist by drawing the hips out wider.

The hourglass shape in general is symbolic to the feminine curves or a larger bust and hips with a slim waist.

The other style comes with a more fitting stomach and hips.

With the dress,
best beat by dre headphones bringing the Victorian era back to life
you can go from edgy to pretty, depending on the style.

For those who want to show off their slim figure, tight fitted style is a better choice since it is more figure flattering compared to the flared ones.

In general, the shorter style tends to look more contemporary and stylish.

And when you are purchasing an awesome Peplum dress for yourself, try to avoid pastels, florals, and geometric patterns and instead opt for neutral colours and plain ones.

They are best being simple.

The style is perfect fit for all the seasons and can be very well paired with the coats, blouses or any other kind of waist covering garment.

One of the most popular dress style is the solid kind of print along with matching heels and nice accessories.
best beat by dre headphones bringing the Victorian era back to life

best beat by dre headphones Modern Asian Fashion and its trend

beats audio headphone Modern Asian Fashion and its trend

Asia has the most diverse culture, with its huge population and the variety Asia obviously has its own fashion, the Asian fashion. Its roots can be traced back to several thousand years at the magnificent civilizations that shaped mankind. The silk routes serves the major evidence for a magnificent Asian fashion long before. The most influential states in Asian fashion are India, Chinese, Korean and with no doubt the western nations. Asian fashion incorporates readily the fashion of other countries.

Most of the Asian fashion sticks to the traditional fashion, but still serves an open ground for western fashion. The west has significantly won over the hearts of Asian fashion. Men and women of all ages prefer to wear Asian fashion with a clear western impact. Men and women’s Asian fashion is being heavily dominated by Jean and t shirts with a western outlook. Many more Asian fashion dresses have been adapted to western style yet applying to Asian conditions.

A typical Asian fashion not only relies on the dresses but also in the accessories that are used by both men and women, women mainly go for make up kits and variety of accessories for the dress they wear which range from hair clips to sandals, all reflecting Asian fashion. Most of the Asian fashion are heavily inspired, mainly by the west, the oriental and the Japanese fashion. With many specifications Asian fashion can also be called the most beautiful and complicated fashion in the earth.

Asian dress is highly archetypal, sticking to its rich tradition Asian fashion till being the most adaptable fashion. The west has the most possible influence on the asian dress. The western Jeans and T shirts have become a very common outfit for men and women in Asia. Along with it many other western dresses have their way in to the asian dress market.

Asians prefer to wear mainly traditional dress, mainly in India, china, Japan etc. the classic Asian dress will be made of Silk and traditional fabrics. Rich weaving and embroidery plays a major role the dignity of wearer of the Asian dress.

The modern Asian dress varieties includes a diverse dress types, men and women have a lot of choices, women especially have a greater number of choices, for example In India it starts from the traditional Saris to designer apparels and also skirts, chiffon , T Shirts and many more, there are more modernized versions in countries like china, Korea and Japan.
best beat by dre headphones Modern Asian Fashion and its trend

best beat by dre headphones International Students

win beats by dre headphones International Students

If you are arriving in central Pennsylvania in August which means, we hope, at least TWO months of warmer and fair weather before winter comes knocking at the door, bringing colder temperatures and potential for snow and rain. While August and September tend to be warmer temperature wise during the day, evenings by late August can be cool.

If arriving in January, be prepared for cold temperatures and the likelihood of rain and snow.

Comfortable clothes and shoes (for both going to class as well as just hanging out with friends or at your housing site)Winter (heavier) coat, scarf, mittens/gloves and a good hat (usually necessary from November March)Temperatures usually gradually turn warmer in late March and April; however it can be wet and breezy during this time period as well. You can always add to your wardrobe as appropriate throughout the year.

Stuff for your residence hall room

Please see the Housing website at Penn State Altoona for information specific to what you should/are allowed to bring for your room if living in on campus housing.

Normally, you can individualize your room with things such as comforters/bedspreads, pillows, bed linens, electronic items such as TVs, stereos, gaming centers, etc. You can also have containers for storage and for use with food items (dishes, cups, silverware, etc.). Each residence hall room comes with a micro fridge for students to use.

This may include bathroom supplies (robe, shower slippers, towels/washcloths, personal items such as razors, shaving cream,
best beat by dre headphones International Students
toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.) as well as a first aid kit, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, dishwashing supplies, cold medication, tissues, toilet paper, etc. bank account, bank card, credit card, etc.) and school supplies such as your laptop, backpack, day planner/calendar, writing utensils and paper/notebooks, etc.

Please note that as part of the new student orientation program, there will be a trip to local stores (Wal Mart, Target, Bed, Bath Beyond, etc.) so that students can stock up on the items/supplies they may need. This eliminates having to consider traveling with these types of items.

Shopping trips will take place during the New Student Orientation (NSO) / Welcome Weekend and Welcome Week phases. Please check your final New Student Orientation / Welcome Weekend schedule, to be sent in December,
best beat by dre headphones International Students
for exact day and time.

Please provide your housing information to the Office of Student Affairs once it has been finalized.